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Nino Taranto

(28 aug 1907 -
23 feb 1986)

An Italian comedian and singer.

Texts of the Neapolitan songs


Museca: Ferdinando Albano,

Vierze: Libero Bovio.

Anno: 1929

A digger

Music: Ferdinando Albano,

Lyrics: Libero Bovio.

Year: 1929

Felicissima sera
A tutte 'sti signure 'ncruvattate
E a chesta cummitiva accussì allera
D'uommene scicche e ffemmene pittate!

Chesta è 'na festa 'e ballo!
Tutte cu 'e fracchesciasse 'sti signure
E i', ca sò sciso 'a copp' ô sciarabballo,
Senza cercà 'o permesso, abballo i' pure.

Chi sò?
Che ve ne 'mporta!
Aggio araputa 'a porta
E sò trasuto ccà.

Musica, musicante!
Fatevi mordo onore!
Stasera 'mmiez'a 'st'uommene aligante
Abballa un contadino zappatore.

No, signore avvocato,
Sentite a mme, nun ve mettite scuorno?
Io, pe' ve fà signore, aggio zappato
E stò zappanno ancora, notte e ghiuorno.

E sò dduje anne, dduje,
Ca nun scrive 'nu rigo â casa mia.
Si 'ossignuria se mette scuorno 'e nuje,
Pur'io mme metto scuorno 'e 'ossignuria!

Chi sò?
Dillo a 'sta ggente
Ca i' songo 'nu parente
Ca nun 'o può caccià!

Musica, musicante!
Ca è bella ll'alleria!
I' mò ve cerco scusa a tuttuquante
Si abballo e chiagno dint' â casa mia.

Mamma toja se ne more.
'O ssaje ca mamma toja more e te chiamma?
Meglio si te 'mparave zappatore,
Ca 'o zappatore nun s' 'a scorda 'a mamma!

Te chiamma ancora "Gioja"
E, arravugliata dint' ô scialle niro,
Dice: "Mò torna, core 'e mamma soja,
Se vene a piglià ll'urdemo suspiro".

Chi sò?
Vuje me guardate?
Sò 'o pate, i' songo 'o pate
E nun me pò caccià!

Sò 'nu fatecatore
E magno pane e pane!
Si zappo 'a terra, chesto te fa onore!
Addenocchiate e vasame 'sti mmane!

translated by Natalia Chernega

Good evening
To all gentlemen in cravats
And to this jolly community
Of elegant men and rouged women!

This is the party of dancing.
All gentlemen are in dress coats
And I've gone off a cart,
Without asking permission, I'm dancing too.

Who am I?
What difference to you!
I've opened the door
And have come in here.

Music, musicians!
Do the honour!
Tonight among these elegant gentlemen
An ignorant digger is dancing.

No, mister lawyer,
Listen to me, are you not ashamed?
To make you become a gentleman I digged
And I still dig day and night.

And two years, two years
You haven't written a line to my house.
If Your Serenity is ashamed of us,
I'm also ashamed of Your Serenity!

Who am I?
Tell to these men
That I'm your relative
That you can't drive out!

Music, musicians!
What a wonderful joy!
Now I beg a pardon of everybody
If I dance and cry in my house.

Your mom is dying.
Do you know if she's dying and calling you?
It would be better if you became a digger,
A digger doesn't forget his mom!

She still calls you "my joy"
And, wrapped in a black shawl,
She says: "Now comes back joy of mother,
Comes to alleviate the last breath".

Who am I?
Are you looking at me?
I'm the father, I'm his father
And he can't drive me out!

I'm a worker
And I eat the bread!
If I dig the ground it does you the honour!
Kneel and kiss my hands!

translated by Natalia Chernega