Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Voce 'e notte

Museca: Ernesto De Curtis,

Vierze: Eduardo Nicolardi.

Anno: 1904

The nightly voice

Music: Ernesto De Curtis,

Lyrics: Eduardo Nicolardi.

Year: 1904

The autobiographical song of Eduardo Nicolardi that uncovers his personal drama: his love for Anna Rossi, daughter of a rich merchant. For the wish of the father, Anna had been married to his constant client, Pompeo Corbera, a rich man of 75 years old.
But after 2 years the old husband of Anna died and at last Nicolardi had the opportunity to marry Anna, having afterwards 8 children.

The song was composed in 1903 and publicated in 1904.

Si 'sta voce te sceta 'int' â nuttata,
Mentre t'astrigne 'o sposo tujo vicino,
Statte scetata, si vuò stà scetata,
Ma fa' vedè ca duorme a suonno chino!

Nun ghì vicino ê llastre pe' ffà 'a spia,
Pecché nun può sbaglià: 'sta voce è 'a mia!
È 'a stessa voce 'e quanno tutt' 'e dduje,
Scurnuse, nce parlavamo c' 'o "vvuje".

Si 'sta voce te canta dint' ô core,
Chello ca nun te cerco e nun te dico:
Tutt' 'o turmiento 'e 'nu luntano ammore,
Tutto ll'ammore 'e 'nu turmiento antico.

Si te vene 'na smania 'e vulè bbene,
'Na smania 'e vase correre p' 'e vvene,
'Nu fuoco ca t'abbrucia comm'a cchè,
Vasate a chillo… Che te 'mporta 'e me?

Si 'sta voce, che chiagne 'int' â nuttata,
Te sceta 'o sposo, nun avè paura!
Dille ch'è senza nomme 'a serenata,
Dille ca dorme e che se rassicura!

Dille accussì: "Chi canta 'int'a 'sta via
O sarrà pazzo o more 'e gelusia.
Starrà chiagnenno quacche 'nfamità.
Canta isso sulo. Ma che canta a ffà?"

translated by Natalia Chernega

If my voice wakes you at night
While your husband embraces you,
Remain woken if you want to be woken
But pretend to be sleeping in a deep sleep!

Don't go near the window to spy,
Because you can't make a mistake: it's my voice!
It's the same voice of that time when
Shyly we spoke to each other in a formal way.

If my voice sings in your heart,
What I don't ask from you and don't tell you
It's the torment of distant love,
It's the love of old torment.

If you feel the wish to love
And the wish of kisses runs along your veins,
The fire burns you like never,
Kiss that… But what's important to you of me?*

If my voice that cries at night
Wakes your husband, don't be afraid!
Tell him that it's the serenade without title,
Tell him that he's asleep and calms down!

Tell him this way: "Who sings in the street
Either is mad or dies from jealousy.
He's suffering from some disgrace.
He's singing for himself. But why is he singing?"

translated by Natalia Chernega

* it means: kiss any of my gifts but which of them is more important to you?