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Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Tutta pe' mme

Museca: Gaetano Lama,

Vierze: Francesco Fiore.

Anno: 1930

You're only mine

Music: Gaetano Lama,

Lyrics: Francesco Fiore.

Year: 1930

Pe' dint'a ll'ombra va 'stu core
Ca nun pò durmì
E canta e chiagne: "Ammore, Ammore,
Tu me faje murì!"
Ma si tu siente 'sta voce 'e tremmà,
No, nun me credere,
Nun t'affaccià!

Io mò nun canto pe' tte,
Canto pe' 'n'ata.
No, nun te voglio vedè
Comm'a 'na vota.
Tu nun sì niente pe' mme,
Niente pe' mme!
Nun saccio cchiù
Che nomme tiene tu, Marì!

'Nu raggio 'e sole vò 'stu core
Ca nun vò suffrì.
'N'aria serena vò 'st'ammore
Ca nun vò murì.
'St'aria serena e 'stu sole sì tu!
Nun me fà perdere
'Sta giuventù!

'Sta luna 'argiento pe' tte
Suspira ancora.
Cchiù luce 'ncielo pe' mme
'Na stella d'oro.
Io campo e moro pe' tte,
Moro pe' tte!
Te voglio bbene, sì,
Surtanto a tte, Marì!

Te voglio tutta pe' mme,
Tutta pe' mme!
Te voglio bbene, sì,
Surtanto a tte, Marì!

translated by Natalia Chernega

In the shadow there's my heart
And can't fall asleep
And sings and cries: "My love, my love,
You make me die!"
But if you still hear my trembling voice,
No, don't believe me,
Don't look out!

Now I'm not singing for you,
I'm singing for another.
No, I don't want to see you
Like before.
You're not for me,
Not for me!
I don't know anymore
What name you have, Maria!

A ray of sun wants for my heart
That doesn't want to suffer.
The serene air wants for my love
That doesn't want to die.
This serene air and sun it's you!
Don't make me lose
My youth!

This silver moon
Longs for you.
This golden star is brighter
In the sky for me.
I live and die because of you,
Die because of you!
I still love you, yes,
Only you, Maria!

I wish you were only mine,
You're only mine!
I still love you, yes,
Only you, Maria!

translated by Natalia Chernega