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Texts of the Neapolitan songs


Museca: Vincenzo Acampora,

Vierze: Vittorio Annona.

Anno: 1961

I waited for you

Music: Vincenzo Acampora,

Lyrics: Vittorio Annona.

Year: 1961

Ê vvote, quanta vvote,
Sperduto pe' 'sta via,
Aggio desiderato
'Nu poco 'e cumpagnia.
Ll'ora pareva 'nu juorno,
Pareva 'n'eterno luntano 'a te.

Comme 'a notte aspetta 'o sole
Tale e quale comm'a me.
Mme sentevo troppo sulo,
Troppo sulo senza 'e te.

Cammenavo e ll'ombra mia
Me pareva ll'ombra toja.
Dint'a ll'aria te sentevo, te vedevo riturnà.
Sì turnata, mò tenimmoce abbracciate
E dimmello pure tu
Ca nun nce lassammo cchiù!

Sì turnata,
Mò nun nce lassammo cchiù!

translated by Natalia Chernega

Sometimes, not one time,
Wandering alone this street,
I was in need
Of your company.
One hour seemed to me a day,
It seemed to me an eternity, away from you.

I waited for you,
Like the night waits for the sun,
The same way as me.
I waited for you,
I felt so lonely,
So lonely without you.

I walked alone and my shadow
Seemed to me your shadow.
In the air I heard you, I saw you coming back.
You've come back, let's hold each other tight
And tell me
That we'll never leave each other anymore!

You've come back
And now we never leave each other anymore!

translated by Natalia Chernega