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Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Sonno a tte!

Museca: Ernesto De Curtis,

Vierze: Giambattista De Curtis.

Anno: 1904

I dream of you!

Music: Ernesto De Curtis,

Lyrics: Giambattista De Curtis.

Year: 1904

Instrumental version

I' sto accussì luntano,
Ma te sto semp' accanto…
Te voglio bbene tanto,
Ca parlo semp' 'e te.
Penzanno, i' guardo 'ncielo,
Me tarla 'nu penziero,
Pe' 'nnanz'a ll'uocchie mieje passa 'nu velo,
E veco a tte:
Po' mm'assupisco e spero,
E sonno a tte!
E sonno a tte!

Quanno te sto vicino
I' mm'avvelisco tanto;
'Stu core ave 'nu schianto;
E mm'alluntano 'a tte.
E tanno i' abbasso ll'uocchie,
Me vene 'n'abbandono,
'Nu triemmolo m'avvence e m'addenocchie,
E prego a tte:
E voglio 'nu perdono,
E 'o cerco 'a tte.
E 'o cerco 'a tte.

translated by Natalia Chernega

I'm so far away from you,
But I'm always beside you…
I love you so much
That I always talk about you.
Thinking, I look at the sky,
One thought torments me,
Before my eyes there's a vision,
And I see you:
Then I fall into a reverie and I hope,
And I dream of you!
And I dream of you!

When I'm beside you,
I'm so depressed;
My heart is broken;
And I move away from you.
And then I lower my eyes,
I'm filled with despair,
A tremble makes me get down on my knees,
And I beg you:
I want to apologize
And I seek your forgiveness.
And I seek your forgiveness.

translated by Natalia Chernega