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Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Serenata napulitana

Museca: Pasquale Mario Costa,

Vierze: Salvatore Di Giacomo.

Anno: 1896

Neapolitan serenade

Music: Pasquale Mario Costa,

Lyrics: Salvatore Di Giacomo.

Year: 1896

Dimme, dimme a chi pienze assettata
Sola sola, addereto a 'sti llastre?
'Nfacci' ô muro, 'e rimpetto, stampata
Veco 'n'ombra, e chest'ombra sì tu.

Fresca è 'a notte; 'na luna d'argiento
Saglie 'ncielo e cchiù ghianca addeventa.
E 'nu sciato, ogne tanto, d' 'o viento
'Mmiez'a 'st'aria se sente passà.

Ah, che notte, ah, che notte!
Ma pecché nun t'affacce?
Ma pecché, ma pecché me ne cacce,
Catarì, senza manco parlà?

Ma ce sta 'nu destino
E io ce credo e ce spero.
Catarì, nun è overo:
Tu cuntenta nun sì.

Catarì, Catarì,
Tu cuntenta nun sì.

Catarì, Catarì, m'hê lassato.
Tutto 'nzieme 'st'ammore è fernuto,
Tutto 'nzieme t'hê scivete a 'n'ato,
M'hê 'nchiantato e m'hê ditto: Bonnì!

E a chist'ato ca tu mò vuò bbene
Staje penzanno e, scetata, ll'aspiette,
Ma chist'ato, stasera, nun vene,
E maje cchiù, t' 'o ddich'io, venarrà.

No! Nun vene, nun vene.
Ll'aggio visto p' 'a strata
Cammenà, core a core, cu 'n'ata,
E, redenno, parlavano 'e te.

Tu sì stata traduta,
Tu sì stata lassata,
Tu sì stata 'nchiantata,
Pure tu, pure tu.

Catarì, Catarì,
Tu cuntenta nun sì.

translated by Natalia Chernega

Tell me, tell me who are you thinking of,
Sitting alone at the window?
On the far wall I'm seeing a shadow
And this is your shadow.

The night is fresh; the silver moon
Is rising in the sky and becoming whiter.
And from time to time a gust of wind
Blows in the street.

Ah, what a night, ah, what a night!
But why don't you look out?
But why, but why do you drive me away,
Catherine, without saying anything?

But there's a destiny
In which I believe and hope.
Catherine, don't conceal it:
You're also unhappy.

Catherine, Catherine,
You're also unhappy.

Catherine, Catherine, you've left me.
Suddenly your love is over,
Suddenly you've chosen another man
And you've forsaken me and told: Goodbye!

And this man you love now
You are thinking of him and waiting for him.
But this man doesn't come tonight
And he never will come, believe me.

No! He will not come anymore.
I saw him in the street,
He was walking side by side with another girl
And, laughing, they were telling about you.

You have been betrayed,
You have been deceived,
You have been forsaken,
And you too, and you too.

Catherine, Catherine,
You're also unhappy.

translated by Natalia Chernega