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Elvira Donnarumma

(18 mar 1883 -
22 may 1933)

An Italian singer.

Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Serenata 'e vierno

Museca: Vincenzo Ricciardi,

Vierze: Eduardo Nicolardi.

Anno: 1907

Winter serenade

Music: Vincenzo Ricciardi,

Lyrics: Eduardo Nicolardi.

Year: 1907

Instrumental version

'Sta 'nfama 'e luna pare ch' 'o ffa apposta…
Se mmeretasse ll'aneme d' 'e nnuce…
Quanno te serve, tanno sta annascosta,
E quanno nun 'a vuò, tanno ffa luce…
(Manco si chella t' 'o facesse apposta…)

Luna, lù, 'nu raggio 'e luna
'Nfaci' 'e llastre 'e 'sta fenesta,
Che furtuna
Sarria chesta!
Nun m' 'o ffà 'stu tradimento!
Famme luce 'nu mumento!
'Nu mumento e niente cchiù…
Quann' 'a guardo 'nu minuto,
Quann' 'a manno 'nu saluto,
Luna, lù…
Luna, lù…

'Stu viento 'e terra pure me ffa 'a guerra,
Pure 'nce azzupp' 'o ppane, a comme pare…
Mò ca nun 'nce azzeccasse, mò se 'mperra…
(Po', quanno avria sciuscià p' 'e llavannare,
Tanno nun se fa vivo, 'o viento 'e terra!)

Viento 'e terra, tira-piere,
Si nun fusse accussì 'nzisto,
Che piaciere
Sarria chisto!
Statte zitto 'nu mumento,
Sinò a chella i' nun 'a sento,
E manco essa sente a mme!
Quann' 'a parlo 'nu minuto,
Quann' 'a manno 'nu saluto,
Viento, viè!
Viento, viè!

E 'o cane 'e presa 'a dint' â massaria
Manco se dà da ffà… manco s' 'a vede…
Manco scarzea, c' 'o ppoco 'e ll'armunia…
Allucca allucca, e a ll'urdemo succede
Ca fa correre 'e guardie 'e pulezzia…

Cane 'e presa, traritore,
Si ciuncasse o si murisse,
Che favore
Me farisse!
Pierde 'a voce 'nu mumento,
Sinò a chella i' nun 'a sento,
Pe' 'stu fatto 'e 'st'abbajà…
Quann' 'a parlo 'nu minuto,
Quann' 'a manno 'nu saluto,
Cane, cà!
Cane, cà!

translated by Natalia Chernega

It seems this unkindly moon does it on purpose…
And for this it deserves nothing…
When you need it, then it hides,
And when you don't need it, then it shines…
(Not even if it did it on purpose…)

Moon, moon, if you gave a ray of light
Into her window,
What a luck
It would be!
Don't be so treacherous to me!
Give me some light for a moment!
For a moment and nothing more…
When I look at her a minute,
When I send her a greeting,
Moon, moon…
Moon, moon…

This wind is also at enmity with me,
And I guess it does it with pleasure…
Now that it must to die down, it blows…
(And when it must to blow for laundresses,*
Then it stops, this wind!)

Land wind, accomplice,**
If you weren't so pushy,
What a pleasure
It would be!
Stop for a moment,
If not, I'll not hear her,
And she'll not hear me either!
When I talk to her a minute,
When I send her a greeting,
Wind, wind!
Wind, wind!

And her dog in her farmhouse
Doesn't run to her… even if it sees her…
It isn't superfluous in this harmony…***
It barks and, in the end, it will happen that
It makes a police force come running…

Watchdog, betrayer,
If you were paralyzed or if you died,
What a favor
You would do me!
Lose your voice for a moment,
If not, I'll not hear her
Because of your barking…
When I talk to her a minute,
When I send her a greeting,
Dog, dog!
Dog, dog!

translated by Natalia Chernega

* to help laundresses dry their washing as quickly as possible,
** moon's accomplice to prevent their date,
*** the dog's barking complements the moon that hides, and the wind that doesn't stop.