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The mandolin

Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Senza mamma

Museca: Francesco Pennino,

Vierze: Francesco Pennino.

Anno: 1918

Without mom

Music: Francesco Pennino,

Lyrics: Francesco Pennino.

Year: 1918

Sulo p'ammore, pe' 'na 'nfama 'e niente,
Me ne partette 'a sott' ô sciato 'e mamma.
E pe' stutà dint'a 'stu core 'a sciamma
D' 'o primm'ammore, me n'avett' 'a jì!

Me ne venette ccà, sulo e sperduto,
Senza 'na voce ca cunforta 'o core,
Senza ll'ammore 'e mamma ca nun more
E ca sempe felice te pò ffà!

Senza mamma!
Ah, quant'è forte 'sta parola 'ncore!
Che me ne faccio 'e chesta giuventù?

Quanno 'a surdato i' fuje cungedato,
Turnaje 'a casa 'e Rosa, 'a scellerata!
Truvaje a chella 'nfama 'mmaretata,
C' 'o meglio amico me stette a tradì!

Currette â casa 'e mammema chiagnenno,
Lle raccuntavo 'o fatto, essa 'o ssapeva!
Cu 'e llacreme int'a ll'uocchie me diceva:
"Parte luntano, cerca 'e t' 'a scurdà!"

Senza mamma!
Jastemmo chistu munno traditore!
Senza core,
Ca te vò bbene, nun se pò campà!

E mentre ca 'o penziero me strujeva,
Doppo tre anne 'e pene e pucundria,
'Na lettera arrivaje d' 'a sora mia,
Ca mammema era morta a tiempo fa!

Mò che ne resta 'e chesta vita mia?
Tutto ca io speravo mò è fernuto!
Ll'ammore, 'o cchiù sincero, aggio perduto!
'O bbene 'e mamma nun pò maje turnà!

Senza mamma!
Nun se pò cchiù sanà chistu dulore!
Meglio è ca moro, che ce campo a ffà?

translated by Natalia Chernega

Only because of love, because of a worthless woman,
I left my mother's care.
And to extinguish in my heart
This flame of first love, I had to go away!

I came here, alone and confused,
Without hearing a voice that comforts the heart,
Without mommy's love that never dies
And always can make you happy!

Without mom!
Ah, how strong this word is in the heart!
Without love
What should I do with my youth?

When I was discharged from military service,
I came to the house of Rosa, the traitress!
I found this vile woman married,
With my best friend she betrayed me!

I ran crying to my mom's house,
I told her what had happened, she knew it!
With tears in her eyes she said to me:
"Go far away, try to forget her!"

Without mom!
I curse this treacherous world!
Without heart that loves you
It's impossible to live!

And while this thought was destroying me,
After three years of torments and sadness,
I received a letter from my sister
Saying that my mom died a long time ago!

What's left of this life of mine now?
Everything I hoped for is over now!
I have lost the most sincere love!
Mommy's love never can come back!

Without mom!
It's impossible to ease this pain!
Without love
Better to die, what do I live for?

translated by Natalia Chernega