Texts of the Neapolitan songs


Museca: Pasquale Mario Costa,

Vierze: Ferdinando Russo.

Anno: 1887

Wake up!

Music: Pasquale Mario Costa,

Lyrics: Ferdinando Russo.

Year: 1887

Si duorme o si nun duorme, bella mia,
Siente pe' 'nu mumento chesta voce!
Chi te vò bbene assaje sta 'mmiez' â via
Pe' te cantà 'na canzuncella doce.

Ma staje durmenno, nun te sì scetata,
'Sti ffenestelle nun se vonno aprì.
È 'nu ricamo 'sta mandulinata!
Scetate, bella mia, nun cchiù durmì!

'Ncielo se sò arrucchiate ciento stelle,
Tutte pe' stà a sentì chesta canzona.
Aggio 'ntiso 'e parlà li ttre cchiù bbelle,
Dicevano: "Nce tene passione!"

È 'a passione ca nun passa maje,
Passa lu munno, essa nun passarrà.
Tu, certo, a chesto nun ce penzarraje,
Ma tu nasciste pe' m'affatturà.

translated by Natalia Chernega

If you sleep or not sleep, my beauty,
Listen to my voice for a moment!
Who loves you so much stands here in the street
To sing for you a beautiful song.

But you are sleeping, you've not woken up,
Your window is closed.
This mandolinata* is like a refined embroidery!
Wake up, my beauty, don't sleep anymore!

In the sky the hundred stars have gathered
To listening to my song.
I've heard the talk of three most beautiful of them,
They've told: "His passion is real!"

My passion is a passion that never is over,
The world can end but it will not be over.
You certainly don't think of it,
But you were born to bewitch me.

translated by Natalia Chernega

* mandolinata is a song, accompanied by mandolin.