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Texts of the Neapolitan songs


Pusilleco addiruso

Museca: Salvatore Gambardella,

Vierze: Ruber (Ernesto Murolo).

Anno: 1904

Fragrant Posillipo

Music: Salvatore Gambardella,

Lyrics: Ruber (Ernesto Murolo).

Year: 1904

Posillipo is a quarter of Naples, situated on the cape of the same name.

'Ncopp' ô capo 'e Pusilleco addiruso,
Addò 'stu core se n'è gghiuto 'e casa,
Ce sta 'nu purgulato d'uva rosa
E 'nu barcone cu 'e mellune appise.

'Ncopp' ô capo 'e Pusilleco addiruso.

E 'nu canario canta 'na canzona
'A dint'a 'na cajola appesa fore.
E ll'ellera s'attacca a 'stu barcone
Comme ce s'è attaccato chistu core!

Quann' 'o sole p' 'o munte se n'è sciso,
Chest'aria fresca se fa cchiù addirosa
E torna d' 'a fatica Angelarosa
C' 'o fascio 'e ll'erba arret' ê spalle appiso.

Quann' 'o sole p' 'o munte se n'è sciso.

Stammoce attiente a 'o segno cunvenuto:
Barcone apierto: Ce sta ancora 'o frate.
Perziana scesa: 'O frate se n'è asciuto.
E 'appuntamento è sotto 'o purgulato.

On the cape of fragrant Posillipo,
Where my heart led me to reside,
There is a pergola of pink grapes
And there's a balcony hung with melons.

On the cape of fragrant Posillipo.

And a canary sings a song
In a cage that is suspended outside.
And the ivy creeps this balcony
Just like my heart is attracted to it!

When the sun sets behind the mountain,
This fresh air becomes more fragrant
And Angelarosa comes home from work
With the bundle of grass on her shoulders.

When the sun sets behind the mountain.

I'm watching her signal carefully:
The balcony is open: Her brother is still at home.
The shutters are down: Her brother has gone.
And the date will be under the pergola.

translated by Natalia Chernega