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Texts of the Neapolitan songs


Museca: Pasquale Mario Costa,

Vierze: Salvatore Di Giacomo.

Anno: 1884


Music: Pasquale Mario Costa,

Lyrics: Salvatore Di Giacomo.

Year: 1884

Napolitanata is a song peculiar only to Naples.

Uocchie de suonno, nire, appassiunate,
Сa de lu mmele la ducezza avite,
Pecché cu 'sti gguardate ca facite
Vuje 'nu vrasiero 'mpietto m'appicciate?

Ve manca la parola e me parlate,
Pare ca senza llacreme chiagnite,
De 'sta faccella janca anema site,
Uocchie belle, uocchie doce, uocchie affatate.

Vuje ca 'nziem'a li sciure v'arapite
E 'nzieme cu li sciure ve 'nzerrate,
Sciure de passiona me parite.

Vuje, sentimiento de li 'nnammurate,
M'avite fatto mmale e lu ssapite,
Uocchie de suonno, nire, appassiunate.

translated by Natalia Chernega

Mysterious, black and charming eyes,
You have the sweetness and tenderness,
Why with your gaze
Do you light a fire in my heart?

You have no word but you talk to me,
It seems that you cry without tears,
You are the soul of her nice face,
Beautiful, tender and fascinating eyes.

Together with flowers you open
And together with flowers you close,
You seem the flowers of passion.

Feeling of lovers,
You have hurt me and you know it,
Mysterious, black and charming eyes.

translated by Natalia Chernega