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Texts of Neapolitan songs


Funtana a ll'ombra

Museca: E.A. Mario,

Vierse: E.A. Mario.

Anno: 1912

A wellspring in the shadow

Music: E.A. Mario,

Lyrics: E.A. Mario.

Year: 1912

'Sta funtanella,
Ca mena 'a tantu tiempo ll'acqua chiara,
Ha fatto 'a cchiù
'E 'nu seculo 'a cummara.
Venette 'a nonna a vevere, e ce steva
'Nu figliulillo, a ll'ombra, ca 'a vedeva.

E, a ll'ombra, tutt' 'e dduje
Accumminciajeno a se parlà c' 'o "vvuje".
Po' ognuno 'e lloro se parlaje c' 'o "ttu".
E, sempe cumpiacente,
'Sti ffronne, alleramente,
Facevano "ciù-ciù".

Po' ce venette
Pur'io 'na vota ca stevo arzo 'e sete
E ca cercavo 'e vvie fresche e cujete.
E te vedette
E t'accustaste e mm'accustaje pur'io
E 'o core tujo cercava 'o core mio.

Venettemo 'a ddoje strate
E p'una ce sperdettemo abbracciate,
Pe' ce vasà, pe' nun ce lassà cchiù.
E, sempe cumpiacente,
'Sti ffronne, alleramente,
Facevano "ciù-ciù".

Quant'ate appriesso
Doppo tante e tant'anne venarranno?
Quant'ate matremmonie se farranno?
Mo fanno 'o stesso:
Quase tutt' 'e ffigliole 'e 'stu paese
E, 'a sprucete ca sò, po' sò curtese.

E, spicialmente 'a 'state,
Aspettano 'e figliule 'nnammurate
E 'sta funtana attacca 'a giuventù.
E, sempe cumpiacente,
'Sti ffronne, alleramente,
Ce fanno 'stu "ciù-ciù".

This wellspring,
That gives, since olden times, the clear water,
Was made by a matchmaker
More than one hundred years ago.
As a child
My grandmother came here to drink and there was
A boy in the shadow who looked at her.

And in the shadow, all alone,
They spoke to each other in a formal way,
Then they both started to speak in a casual way.
And the leaves, that always are amiable,
Whispered to them "shu-shu".

Later I also came here
One time because I was thirsty
And I was looking for peace and calm.
And I saw you,
You approached me and I also approached you
And your heart was looking for mine.

We came here on two different paths
And on the one path we went away arm in arm
To never leave each other.
And the leaves, that always are amiable,
Whispered to us "shu-shu".

How many others
Will come here many years later?
How many other weddings will be celebrated?
Now they do the same thing:
Almost every girl of this land,
Even if she is surly, then she becomes affable.

And, especially in summer,
Guys in love wait here for girls,
This wellspring attracts the youth.
And the leaves, that always are amiable,
Whisper to them "shu-shu".

translated by Natalia Chernega