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The tambourine

Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Fenesta che lucive

Museca: gnoto,
(trascritta 'a Guglielmo Cottrau ô 1842),

Vierze: gnoto.

Anno: XVII seculo

Window that was shining

Music: unknown,
(transcribed by Guglielmo Cottrau in 1842),

Lyrics: unknown.

Year: the 17th century

Fenesta che lucive e mò non luce,
Sign'è ca nenna mia stace ammalata.
S'affaccia la sorella e me lo dice:
"Nennella toja è morta e s'è atterrata".

Chiagneva sempe ca dormeva sola,
Mò dorme co li muorte accompagnata.

"Cara sorella mia, che me dicite?
Cara sorella mia, che me contate?"
"Guardate 'ncielo si nun me credite!
Purzì li stelle stanno appassiunate.

È morta nenna vosta, ah, sì, chiagnite!
Ca quanto v'aggio ditto è beritate!

Va' nella cchiesa e scuopre lu tavuto!
Vide nennella toja comm'è tornata!"
Da chella vocca ca n'asceano sciure,
Mò n'esceno li vierme. Oh, che piatate!

Zì parrocchiano mio, abbece cura:
'Na lampa sempe tienece allummata!

Ah! Nenna mia, sì morta, puvurella!
Chill'uocchie chiuse nun l'arape maje!
Ma ancora a ll'uocchie mieje tu para bella
Ca sempe t'aggio amata e mmò cchiù assaje!

Potesse a lo mmacaro morì priesto
E mm'atterrasse a lato a tte, nennella!

Addio fenesta, restate 'nzerrata,
Ca nenna mia mò nun se pò affacciare!
Io cchiù nun passarraggio pe' 'sta strata.
Vaco a lo camposanto a passiare.

'Nzino a lo juorno ca la morte 'ngrata
Me face nenna mia ire a trovare.

translated by Natalia Chernega

Window that was shining and now doesn't shine,
It means that my beloved is ill.
Her sister looks out and tells me:
"Your beloved is dead and buried".

She always cried because slept alone,
Now she sleeps in company of the deads.

"Dear sister, what are you talking about?
Dear sister, what do you tell me?"
"Look at the sky if you don't believe me!
Even the stars are so sad.

Your beloved is dead, ah, yes, cry!
What I've told you is the truth!

Go to the church and open her coffin!
Look what's happened with your beloved!"
From her mouth came out the flowers,
Now the worms are coming out. Oh, what a pity!

My uncle priest, take care of her:
Keep always up the fire of her lamp!

Ah! My love, you're dead, poor girl!
You never open your closed eyes!
But in my eyes you're still beautiful
Because I loved you and now I love you more!

I wish I could die somewhat quicker
And be buried beside you, my love!

Goodbye, window, stay closed,
Because my beloved can't look out more!
I don't pass along this street anymore.
I go to the cemetery.

Until the day when the cruel death
Let me meet my beloved.

translated by Natalia Chernega