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Torna a Surriento!

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Museca: Giambattista De Curtis,

Vierze: Giambattista De Curtis.

Anno: 1894


Music: Giambattista De Curtis,

Lyrics: Giambattista De Curtis.

Year: 1894

Giambattista De Curtis passed long time in Sorrento, at the Grand Hotel of Guglielmo Tramontano. There, in 1892, he met a girl who inspired his most famous song. She came to the hotel with a basket of fruits.
"What is your name?" asked De Curtis.
"Carmela Maione", the girl answered, "I'm a daughter of a warden and live in Fuorimura".
"And what do you do usually?" asked again Giambattista De Curtis.
"I sleep" answered Carmela.
Inspired Giambattista De Curtis wrote a song about this girl and named it "Carmela".

Fore mura nce sta 'na picciotta,
'Mmiez' ê spine s'ha fatta 'na casa,
'Ncopp' ê ffronne s'addorme la notta
E 'na rosa cchiù bella nun c'è!

Duorme, Carmè,
'O cchiù bello d' 'a vita è durmì!
Sonnate a mme,
'MParaviso cu ttico vogl'i'!

Ogne sera ca torna â campagna,
Va cantanno 'na bella canzona.
Essa dice ca 'o core se lagna,
'Stu dulore 'o capisco sul'i'.

Canta, Carmè,
Tanto bella è 'sta voce a sentì!
Canta pe' mme,
Ca tu 'ncielo me faje saglì!

'Nu vasciello venette 'a luntano
E pusaje a Surriento 'na Fata,
'Ncopp' ô scoglio addò sta Tramuntano,
'MParaviso 'stu sito nun c'è.

Viene, Carmè,
T'arricuorde? 'Sta fata tu sì!
Torna cu mme,
'Ncopp' ô scoglio vulimmo murì!

translated by Natalia Chernega

Beyond the wall there's a girl,
Among the thorns her house is built,
At the leaves the night falls asleep there
And there's no rose more beautiful!

Sleep, Carmela,
The most beautiful thing in life is to sleep!
Dream about me,
I want with you to Paradise!

Every evening that comes to a village
She sings a beautiful song.
It tells that her heart is suffering
And only I understand this pain.

Sing, Carmela,
Your voice is so beautiful to listen!
Sing for me,
And you make me fly up to the sky!

A ship arrived from far away
And took away my fairy to Sorrento,
To the rock where Tramontano lives,
In Paradise there's not this place.

Arrive, Carmela,
Do you remember? For me you're the fairy!
Come back with me,
At this rock we'll remain until we die!

translated by Natalia Chernega