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Ruggero Leoncavallo

(23 apr 1857 -
09 aug 1919)

An Italian opera composer.

Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Ddoje sserenate

Museca: E.A. Mario,

Vierze: E.A. Mario.

Anno: 1919

Two serenades

Music: E.A. Mario,

Lyrics: E.A. Mario.

Year: 1919

This song tells about two men who have come to the same alley to play their serenades for their beloveds.
In the end they've got to know that they play for the same girl.

Stasera, perdunate si v' 'o ddico:
Mettimmoce in accordo e po' sunate!
Nuje ce 'mpuntammo 'mpont' ô stesso vico
E, sunanno, 'mbrugliammo 'e sserenate.

Sunate 'a vosta, i' mme stò zitto e sento!
Facimmo a turno: i' sono doppo 'e vuje.
Si ve servesse ll'accumpagnamento,
Ccà sta 'a chitarra, sunarriamo a dduje!

Ma nun ve dico niente,
Pecché sunammo pe' ddoje 'nnammurate
Ca nun vanno truvanno 'o cuncertino.

Se songo abituate
Ll'una, a sentì 'a chitarra sulamente,
E ll'ata, sulamente 'o mandulino.

'Sta serenata vosta va a chi tene
Ll'uocchie turchine e belle, a comme pare.
Ah, pure nenna mia, ca i' voglio bbene,
Tene ll'uocchie turchine comm' ô mare.

E sta a 'o quarto piano 'a vosta? E comme?
E se chiamma Maria? Maria?! – Maria! –
Tene 'e stess'uocchie? Tene 'o stesso nomme?
Sta ô quarto piano? È 'a 'nnammurata mia!

E nuje ca, ingenuamente,
Venimmo ccà a sciupà 'sti sserenate,
Mentre forse lle sta 'n'ato vicino!

Ce vò tenè appaldate
Pe' se spassà, comme si fosse niente,
Mò cu 'a chitarra e mò cu 'o mandulino.

Allero, amico! E 'o ddico alleramente
Ca 'e scieme comm'a nuje sò tante e tante!
E chesta, ch'era bella veramente,
Nun puteva tenè sulo 'n'amante!

Ma 'n'ati dduje già spontano! E scummetto
Ca songo comm'a nuje: dduje sfurtunate!
Vedimmo 'e cumbinà chistu quartetto,
È bello 'stu quartetto d' 'e cecate!

Vuje nun dicite niente?
Ah, vuje tremmate? Sì, vuje 'ntartagliate
E i' pure tremmo. Parlo, ma scumbino!

Nuje simmo 'nnammurate!
E chiagne 'sta chitarra tristamente
E, tristamente, chiagne 'o mandulino.

translated by Natalia Chernega

This evening, excuse me if I tell you:
Let's make arrangements and then play!
We've run into each other in the same alley
And, playing, we've mixed two serenades.

Play yours; I keep silence and listen!
Let's make a turn: I play after you.
If you need the accompaniment,
My guitar is here, let's play together!

And I tell you nothing,
Because we play for two beloveds
That don't love the orchestra.

If they have got accustomed,
The first to the guitar only,
The other to the mandolin only.

Your serenade is for her who has
The beautiful blue eyes.
Ah, my beloved that I love,
Has also the blue eyes like the sea.

Does yours live on the third floor? But how?
Her name is Maria? Maria?! – Maria! –
She has the same eyes? The same name?
She lives on the third floor? It's my beloved!

And we naively
Have come here to play these serenades,
While an other, may be, is with her!

We want to keep cool
As if nothing has happened,
Now with a guitar, now with a mandolin.

Enjoy, friend! And I tell rejoicing
That the fools, like us, are many!
And she who was really beautiful,
Couldn't have only one beloved!

But another two have gone out! And I wager
That they are, like us, two unlucky people!
We can organize a quartette,
It's the nice quartette of blind men!

Don't you tell anything?
Ah, do you tremble? Yes, you stutter
And I also tremble. I speak but I'm delirious!

We both are in love!
And cries bitterly the guitar
And bitterly cries the mandolin.

translated by Natalia Chernega