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Texts of Neapolitan songs


Canzona vesuviana

Museca: E.A. Mario,

Vierse: E.A. Mario.

Anno: 1910

Vesuvian song

Music: E.A. Mario,

Lyrics: E.A. Mario.

Year: 1910

Se ne sagliesse â parte d'Uttajano
Chi vò campà cujeto, si vò bbene.
Saccio 'na casarella fore mano
Cu dduje balcune e, attuorno, 'e tterre chiene
'E resedà e garuofane schiavune.

Jenche 'e ciardine 'e rrose 'a primmavera,
Ll'autunno, 'mmiez'ê vvigne, mena ll'oro.
Ce canta 'o core mio, matina e sera,
E, tutto ll'anne, 'o core mio suspira.

E saglie 'o core mio 'ncopp'â muntagna,
Addò ll'ammore 'o vò fà fà 'a vennegna:
Vase ca sò cchiù meglio d' 'o sciampagne.
E, quann' 'a 'ncigne, è tennera e sanguegna
'Sta vocca rossa ch'è 'a cchiù bella vigna.

Acene d'uva songo 'e vase doce,
E cchiù arzulenta è ll'uva, e cchiù mme piace.
Chella è 'a passiona che mm'abbampa e coce,
Chella è 'a passiona ca mme fa felice.

Saglimmo a dduje! Cantammo! E canta ll'eco
Pe' 'mmiez'a 'e chiuppe d' 'a muntagna amica
E ce desiderammo... 'O ppenzo, 'o vveco.
Lapillo 'e fuoco è 'ammore, quanno trica
E trica, e ce fa ardente a poco a poco.

E nuje saglimmo. E stammo 'ncielo quase.
Luntane, veco casarelle e chiese.
Ah, che funiculare songo 'e vase!
Nuje ce vasammo e ghiammo 'mParaviso.

Has gone up to the outskirts of Ottaviano*
Who is in love and wants the quiet life.
I know one distant house
With two balconies and the ground around it
Is covered with mignonette and carnation.

The spring fills gardens with roses,
In autumn golden leaves fall on the grapes.
My heart sings here day and night,
And the whole year my heart sighs.

My heart climbs the mountain,
Where love wants to give it the reward:
Kisses that are better than the champagne.
And when you taste them for the first time
Her fervent lips are better than the grapes.

Grape berries are the kisses,
And the sappier the grape is, the more I like it.
It's the passion that burns me like a fire,
It's the passion that makes me happy.

Let's climb together! Let's sing! And the echo
Will catch up our voices in the middle of poplars.
We'll feel the longing for each other... I think so.
The fiery lapilli is love that burns,
And, burning, it sets us both on fire little by little.

And we climb to the top. We're almost in the sky.
I see in the distance little houses and churches.
Ah, what a funicular these kisses are!
We kiss each other and reach the Paradise.

translated by Natalia Chernega

* Ottaviano is a small town located about 20 km east of Naples in the Vesuvian Area.