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Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Canzona 'e 'nnammurate

Museca: Vincenzo D'Annibale,

Vierze: Raffaele Chiurazzi.

Anno: 1929

Song about lovers

Music: Vincenzo D'Annibale,

Lyrics: Raffaele Chiurazzi.

Year: 1929

Instrumental version

'Stu giovene che canta a 'stu puntone
'Ncopp' 'e chitarre e 'ncopp' 'e manduline,
Nun è suggetto 'e pruvucazione.
Canta pecché nun tene a che penzà.
Ma ch'è succiesso? Nun ve spaventate!
S'è affacciata pur' essa? Embé, che fa?
Ha 'ntiso 'na canzona 'e 'nnammurate
E ll'è paruto bello 'e s'affaccià.

Cumpagne mieje, pecché penzate a mmale?
Sto tanto allero e allera è 'sta nuttata.
Chi perde 'o tiempo a fà 'o sentimentale
Nun pò campà felice comm' a mme.
Ma ch'è succiesso? Nun ve spaventate!
Nenna mia scenne abbascio? Embé, che fa?
Parla cu 'stu cantante 'e serenate
E 'sta canzona s' 'a vò fà bissà.

Cumpagne, veco 'n'ombra 'mmiez' 'a via
Ca stenne 'e braccia e aspetta dint' 'o scuro.
E da chest'ombra, 'a voce 'e mamma mia:
Figlio, – me dice – nun te zeffunnà!
Ma ch'è succiesso? Se sò alluntanate,
Nenna mia c' 'o cantante? E assate 'e ffà.
L'ammore nun s'accatta a curtellate:
Ce sta chi doppo 'e me ce 'o fa pavà!

translated by Natalia Chernega

This young man who sings on the corner
To the sound of guitars and mandolins,
He's not the kind of man who provoke.
He just sings because he has nothing to think about.
But what's happened? Don't worry!
Has she looked out too? Well, what of that?
She has heard his song about lovers
And it seemed to her that it would be good to look out.

My friends, why are you thinking about the bad?
I'm having fun and this night is fun.
Someone who spends the time on sentimentality
Cannot live happily like me.
But what's happened? Don't worry!
Is my sweetheart coming down? Well, what of that?
She talks with this singer of serenades
And asks him to repeat this song.

My friends, I see a shadow in the middle of the street,
It holds out the hands and waits in the dark.
From this shadow I hear the voice of my mother:
My son, – she tells me – don't ruin yourself!
But what's happened? Are they gone away,
My sweetheart with this singer? Well, let them go.
Love cannot be achieved with a knife:
After me there will be someone to make her pay for it!

translated by Natalia Chernega