Texts of the Neapolitan songs



Museca: Francesco Paolo Frontini,

Vierse: Giovanni Capurro.

Anno: 1902

A lie!

Music: Francesco Paolo Frontini,

Lyrics: Giovanni Capurro.

Year: 1902

Nun fuste tu ca 'nzino a mme diciste:
"Te voglio bbene quanto 'a vita mia"…?
Te sì scurdata, è ovè, ca m'astrigniste
Dicenno: "Io pe' tte moro 'e gelusia"…?

Chelle guardate chiene 'e passione,
'Nfra 'nu suspiro e 'nu vasillo doce,
M'hanno rimasta tanta 'mpressione
Ca, si nce penzo, tremma pure 'a voce.

'Na sera 'e luna, ah! Nun mm' 'a scordo maje.
'Stu core se squagliava pe' gulio;
"Dì, quanto me vuò bbene?" – te spiaje, –
Diciste: "Quanto a chella luce 'e Ddio!"

Allora 'a luna 'ncielo te sentette,
E, si se conta, pare 'na pazzia!
Passaje 'na nuvola e s'annascunnette,
Pecché sapeva ch'era 'na buscia!

Wasn't it you who told me on my chest:
"I love you as much as my life"…?
Did you really forget how you held me tight,
Saying: "I die of jealousy because of you"…?

Your look, full of passion,
Between a sigh and a sweet kiss,
It left me so impressed
That, if I think of it, even my voice trembles.

That moonlight evening, ah! I never forget it.
My heart fluttered with a wish;
"Tell me, how much do you love me?"– I asked you,–
You answered: "Like the Lord's light!"

The moon in the sky heard you that evening,
And talking about it seems a madness!
A cloud was passing and the moon disappeared
Because it knew it was a lie!

translated by Natalia Chernega