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Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Ammore amaro

Museca: Felice Genta,

Vierze: Gennaro Carbone.

Anno: 1957

My bitter love

Music: Felice Genta,

Lyrics: Gennaro Carbone.

Year: 1957

Strignete 'mbracci'a mme
Comm'a 'na vota.
Parlame sulo 'e bbene pe' tutt' 'a vita.
Si pure me faje mmale
'O vuò capì
Ca i' nun te voglio perdere
Pe' nun murì.

Ammore amaro,
Quanno me daje 'nu vaso
Me pugne 'o core.
Comme me struje 'o bbene
Nun 'o può credere,
Ammore amaro.

Io nun saccio pecché
Quanno staje 'mbracci'a mme
Io mme sento 'nu rre
E nun pozzo capì
Quanta bella tu sì
Quanno faje suffrì.

Ammore amaro,
Faje c' 'o doce e amaro
Cchiù forte ammore.
Damme 'na goccia 'e mele
Si me vuò accidere,
Ammore amaro.

Ammore amaro.

translated by Natalia Chernega

Hold me tight
Like you did it before.
Talk to me about love that lasts a lifetime.
If you hurt me,
You want to understand
That I don't want to lose you
Not to die.

My bitter love,
When you give me a kiss
It makes my heart sick.
How you doom my love to be unrequited
You can't understand it,
My bitter love.

I don't know why
When you are in my arms
I feel like a king
And I can't understand
How beautiful you are
When you make me suffer.

My bitter love,
With the sweet and bitter
You make my love stronger.
Give me a drop of honey
If you want to kill me,
My bitter love.

My bitter love.

translated by Natalia Chernega