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Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Amice, non credite a le zitelle!

Museca: Giovanni Paisiello,

Vierze: Francesco Cerlone.

Anno: 1783

Friends, don't believe the girls!

Music: Giovanni Paisiello,

Lyrics: Francesco Cerlone.

Year: 1783

Amice, non credite a le zitelle
Quanno ve fanno squase e li verrizze,
Ca songo tutte quante trottatelle
E pe' ve scortecà fanno fenizze.

Co lo bello e bello pallò,
Co lo 'ndà e 'ndandera 'ndà;
La falanca, si nn'è serunta,
Non cammina, carcioffolà!

Cheste non banno ascianno parolelle,
Né grazia, né bertude, né bellizze;
Ma vanno ascianno de levà la pelle
Quanno ve fanno 'a pompa li carizze.

Co lo bello e bello pallò,
Co lo 'ndà e 'ndandera 'ndà;
La campana senza battaglio
Comme diavolo vò sonà.

translated by Natalia Chernega

Friends, don't believe the girls
When they are sweet and capricious with you,
Because they all are sly
And to fleece you they resort to cunning.

With the beautiful lie,
Co lo 'ndà e 'ndandera 'ndà*;
If the logs are not greased
They don't move a boat from land to sea!

Girls don't search the sweet words
Neither grace nor virtue nor beauty;
All they want is to take everything from you
When they give you affection.

With the beautiful lie,
Co lo 'ndà e 'ndandera 'ndà;
Without clapper the bell rings
Like a devil.

translated by Natalia Chernega

* it's not translated, probably it's used as a way of beating rhythm.