Texts of the Neapolitan songs

'A 'Nfrascata

Museca: Gaetano Lama,

Vierze: Gigi Pisano.

Anno: 1931


Music: Gaetano Lama,

Lyrics: Gigi Pisano.

Year: 1931

Infrascata is a place in Naples, in Avvocata district, where now Salvator Rosa street is located.

At one time this place was impassable, overgrown with bushes and trees, therefore the Neapolitans called it "Infrascata", that is "hidden behind branches, behind leaves".

'Mmiez' ê ffronne,
'Mmiez' ê ffronne d' 'a 'Nfrascata
Ce sta 'na casarella prufumata,
Chien' 'e sciure, chien' 'e rrose avvellutate
Addò se ferma 'o sole p' 'a guardà,
Addò se ferma 'o sole p' 'a guardà.
E 'na figliola cu dduje uocchie nire
S'affaccia, tutt' 'e ssere, a vintun'ore.
E 'o core mio se fa 'na cammenata,
Tutt' 'e ssere, 'mmiez' ê ffronne d' 'a 'Nfrascata…

Raggio 'e luna,
Raggio 'e luna 'nnargentato,
Tu comme sì felice e affurtunato!
Quanno, 'a sera, 'sta fenesta s'è appannata
Te miette 'e faccefronte p' 'a guardà,
Te miette 'e faccefronte p' 'a guardà.
E quanno 'sta figliola s'addurmenta,
Tu trase a ll'intrasatto, e 'a vase 'nfronte,
E po' te firme ccà, tutt' 'a nuttata,
Pazzianno 'mmiez' ê ffronne d' 'a 'Nfrascata…

Ll'aggio ditto,
Ll'aggio ditto a 'sta figliola:
Chi è bella comm' a vuje nun pò stà sola!
'Sta vucchella tene 'addore d' 'e vviole
E io desse tutt' 'a vita p' 'a vasà,
E io desse tutt' 'a vita p' 'a vasà.
E tengo pronto già 'nu lietto 'e sposa
Cu dduje cuscine, fatte 'e ffronne 'e rrose.
Ce manca 'na cuperta arricamata
E 'a facimmo cu 'sti ffronne d' 'a 'Nfrascata!

translated by Natalia Chernega

Among the branches,
Among the branches of Infrascata
There is a small house surrounded by the scent
Of fragrant flowers, of velvety roses
Where the sun stops to look at it,
Where the sun stops to look at it.
And a girl with black eyes
Looks out every evening at nine o'clock.
And my heart leads me there for a walk
Every evening among the branches of Infrascata…

Ray of the moon,
Silver ray of the moon,
How happy and fortunate you are!
When in the evening her window is dark
You shine right through it to look at her,
You shine right through it to look at her.
And when that girl falls asleep,
Suddenly you kiss her on the forehead
And then you stay there all night
Shining through the branches of Infrascata.

I have told her,
I have told that girl:
A beautiful girl like you can't be alone!
Your lips smell like violets
And I would give my life to kiss them,
And I would give my life to kiss them.
My marriage bed is ready
With two pillows made with rose petals.
We're missing an embroidered coverlet
But we make it with the branches of Infrascata!

translated by Natalia Chernega