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Texts of the Neapolitan songs

'A celentana

Museca: gnoto,

Vierze: gnoto.

Anno: XVIII seculo

The Cilentan girl

Music: unknown,

Lyrics: unknown.

Year: the 18th century

The Cilentan girl is an inhabitant of the Cilento, southern part of the Province of Salerno in region of Campania.

Cavallo, si me faje chesta sagliuta,
T'accatto 'o petturale e 'a sunagliera!

'Nu juorno me ne jevo sciummo sciummo,
Truvaje 'na nenna ca sciacquava 'e panne.

Comm' era bella chesta celentana,
'O core mio se n'era 'nnammurato.

Cavallo, si me piglie 'sta mugliera,
T'accatto 'o petturale e 'a sunagliera!

Sta ascenno areto 'o monte 'o sole d'oro,
Pur' isso vasa 'nfronte 'a celentana.

Cavallo, riturnammo a lu Ciliento,
Ma nun lassammo 'ammore e 'a celentana.

translated by Natalia Chernega

Horse, if you make this ascent,
I'll buy you the bridle and shaft bow!

One day I rode along the river,
I met a girl doing laundry.

How beautiful that Cilentan girl was,
My heart fell in love with her.

Horse, if I marry her,
I'll buy you the bridle and shaft bow!

The golden sun comes out from behind the mount,
Even it kisses this Cilentan girl on the forehead.

Horse, let's come back to the Cilento
And never leave my love and the Cilentan girl.

translated by Natalia Chernega